5 Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset – Abstract Art Modern

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Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset -please contact me or order

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Abstract Paintings Modern Art Wall Sale online

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Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset

By stating what is abstract art…

bronze chocolate paintings colorful sunny contemporary modern art abstract

Big Art 4 sale by artist – Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset

Abstract art is beautiful story telling; in other words, splashes of paint mindlessly repeated patterns must not be structured.  Abstract art can convey emotion through design and structure.  Painting like this is a fine balance between beauty and emotion.  And likewise, a language all it’s own.

Abstract painting is also intuitive, and self expression from the artist point of view.  When someone feels it,  the artist is communicating effectively.


mixed media and enamels on canvas.  Order a set of these from artist Robert Rodriguez


and that is the reward.   http://www.splashyartist.com

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