Abstract Artist Biography
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Abstract Artist Biography


Hello.  Welcome to the Fine Art of  Robert Rodriguez.  I am an arist specializing in Abstract Modern and Contemporary Art.

My collections are in homes like yours and businesses across the country.  Along with Google my art is reaching people across the world.  Thank you for finding my art on the World Wide Web.   It is a great pleasure creating art that brings joy to so many people!


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My personal view on art is based on several key principals: Emotional connection, color intensity and harmony.  Along with these principles I incorporate an organic nature into my work with.  Most of my art concepts are created by imitating nature. I  paint in full Arizona sunlight that expedites the dry process and also infuses the paints and colors.

After completing my studies in Fine Art at The University of Arizona in 1992, I visited many museums abroad and continued to work on my craft.

As an emerging self-representational artist, I originally worked in Advertising and Desktop Publishing. I eventually decided to abandon “Corporate America” and became a full-time self-employed artist and painter.   It was the best decision of my life because it gave me limitless freedom to create.

The paintings incorporate a variety of paint mediums. I also employ 14 Gold paint, Silver leaf, Bronze and Copper elements on canvas.

The majestic finishes and esemble rich unearthed minerals and undiscovered gems.

Symbolic imagery such as the infinity symbol, leaves, trees and petroglyph symbols in my art to represent the complex yet organic nature of life. Nothing for this ventured in art is accidental.  Abstract Artist – Inventor.

Many hours are spent painting them and especially formulating the colors and textures. I find myself inventing many new color combinations and giving them unique names; eg: “Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset”

The finest quality artist materials are used.  14k gold metallic colors and German variegated gold leaf are also used to create stunning luminance. The art can be arranged in any direction to showcase the texture and light with the metallic finishes.

Many customers are pleased to find that the quality exceeds their expectations.


High quality gallery inch thick stretched canvas is wrapped around pine stretcher bars and neatly stapled on the back.  Every painting is quality built to museum standards. I invest time and money on the best materials.

A final coat of fine art varnish was applied to protect your investment from UV and dust.

This painting is not a print of any kind. This is original art. No prints are offered on this art as my style does not lend it self to that medium.

Your painting will arrive on a top-notch high quality, gallery wrapped canvas, with staple-free edges. The edges will be painted to allow for immediate, frame-free hanging. The painting will be original, authentic and personally signed and dated. Robert R 2018.

Thank you for expressing interest in my original works of art.

“Bronze Chocolate Latte Sunset” and “The Red Dragon” are originals that sold but can be painted by request. I strive to make my online sites as representative of my work as they can be, any customer feel free to contact me directly via phone.  All works are stated original and painted by one artist.


Make a Statement.


Thank you for your interest in my original art.



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Andy Warhol once said: “BEAUTY IS A SIGN OF INTELLIGENCE.”






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