200 Hand Built Wood Canvases. The Robert R Gallery
Original Hand Crafted Paintings by Robert R

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My art represents hardwork and determination.

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The art product you order is hand built precision cut with a miter saw.  I strive for perfection so the art will hang and stretch correctly.  Top notch frames built to meticulous standards.

 2 1/2 full hours of custom wood cuts for 100 frames. That is 400 individual pieces of wood, and over 2000 cuts.

Roughly 1 months of orders. I get multiple  request per week.

I do utilize an assistant so we can build all 100 frames in 1 hour.

 I have built about 400 frames per month since 2008.

I market national online with a lot of worldwide visibility on Google.

I also enjoy marketing my crafts. I consider my self a hard working person with a goal. I have always a fair deal and excellent product.



 Each set has 5 paintings.

Building canvas frames is a great challenge.

and the fun part , stretching it without smashing your thumb!

FYI -Not for the faint hearted.


 I moved to Los Angeles. I still call Tucson my home. Now painting in studio

on my patio in Los Angeles.

I aim for perfection and beauty.


Where am I going – The future 2014 and Beyond.

I have many new ideas on the pallette for 2012, Please scroll to the bottom to see my lastest Resin Paintings!

and I have more excitement on the way for the galleries in Los Angeles!



New works – Resin on wood 72″x24″ – 3 ” depth.

Original $2800

“Copper Bronze Tigers Eye” Original one of a kind $2800 Resin over Acrylic on wood. 72″x24″ depth 3″ inch wood


Original $2800

“The Secret Garden ” Original one of a kind $2800, Resin over Acrylic on wood. 72″x24″ depth 3″ inch wood


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