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Tips on Buying Art

We want you to find the right art for sale on loveart and be happy with your purchase. Here are some tips on buying art.
Buying art for yourself
Your Requirements

Ask yourself why you are buying art. There could be many reasons: to suit your décor; a talking point amongst friends; a statement piece; as an investment; you are starting a collection etc. Your motives will influence the piece of art you should buy.
Décor Matching

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The key consideration is whether the style of painting suits that of your target room’s interior design.

A close second is whether the main colors of the painting complement the main colors walls, ceilings, and even furniture.

On most occasions, you will want both the styling and coloring to complement your interior design, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes the reverse can hold true, with a contrast used to emphasize the art as the centrepiece or talking point of a room.
Centre Piece

A great room finished-off with a great piece of art lingers in the mind long after you visited it.

Large art obviously makes an impression, but ensuring that there is plenty of space surrounding the painting is an equally important factor.

Your art will stand out most effectively if it consistently has a clear line of sight, especially in key places such as doorways.

Clever use of wall paint can be use to make the art standout.

If these factors do not suit your requirements, consider going the other way, and hanging two or more pieces on one or more of the room’s walls.
Talking Point

Choosing a painting for a talking point amongst friends is a good reason for buying art.

The best talking pieces provide the basis for conversation, debate, and reflection.

The tips that apply to centre piece art can also apply to art you want to become a talking point, but are sometimes adopted to a more radical degree, so that the room has a more evocative feel.

The key to buying art as a talking point is that it makes the statement you want it to make.

A little research into the painting itself, and the artist, will help you get a good feeling for the art.

If buying art for an investment, do some research.

Have a look at our artists’ profiles, and ask us any questions you need answering – we are always pleased to provide a quick response.

Even if you intend to store the painting, we would always recommend that you buy art that you like – you may subsequently decide to do so.
Collection Building

Starting an art collection is a fantastic hobby, and can turn into a full time job.

As with any investment, it is best to start by spending an amount that you can comfortably afford.

Collecting incorporates a learning curve, a fair amount of which only becomes apparent once you have actually begun collecting, so take little steps to begin with and learn as you go along.

Get other peoples’ opinions when buying art – after all, our online gallery enables you to show the art for sale you are considering buying to anyone in the world at any time.

Remember that all art goes through fashion cycles, so, again, it is best to buy art that you believe in as a collector.

Build a uniform collection rather than a series of pieces, as the sum can be greater than its parts, and the discipline also improves your knowledge in that area.
Enjoy yourself!

Relax, take pleasure in the buying art process, and take your time. We are always here to help you with any questions you may have.
Buying Art for Someone Else

Art is usually personal, so it is advisable to buy art only for those you know well.

Try to apply your friend’s personality, lifestyle, and living space to the tips provided in the ‘buying art for yourself’ section – except we would not usually recommend that you buy art for a friend as a talking piece.

Ask other people, who know your friend, for their opinion – they may be able to pick out something that you have missed.
Abstract Paintings

If possible, ask the person you are buying art for what they think.
Buying Art for Your Business

The type of art you buy says a lot about your business. A more traditional piece might say you are a long-running, established business with a formidable history. A modern painting might suggest you are a fresh, dynamic, and forward-thinking organization. Both statements can work, but should fit in with your companies branding objectives.

Art can make a great talking point with your customers. In keeping with the above tip, its important to make sure that you make the right statement – and certainly not one that will surprise or shock if that is not in keeping with your companies usual approach.

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